Zionism is racism

From ABJ


[Regarding a certain unnamed Israeli propaganda video on YouTube™:] This video has one positive thing about it: Excellent graphics. Everything else about it and its message is no more than gross deceptive right-wing Israeli propaganda -- (sometimes called "yellow-dog journalism") with its attempt to obfuscate any real understanding of the political issues behind the Palestinian struggle for recognition of rights and humanity. Whoever wrote the script does not even know the definition of Zionism -- or was, more likely, deliberately misrepresenting it as "the policy for protection of the Jews" (or some such wording that I don't want to re-play to get it exact.)

Zionism is the harsh reactionary policy that dictates that the land of Palestine -- all the land -- should belong finally to the Jews by divine right given to them by messianic decree. The Israeli government doesn't emphasize this, preferring to refer to it as ideas of the extreme fundamentalist ideology. But this is the actual policy and the reality, and is the major cause of so much of the misery and confiscation and actual Israeli barbarism against a pauperized civilian population, that has gone on for so many years -- and the confiscation and annexation (and brutality) continues apace today.

As far as the video's criticism of the UN Assembly's pronouncement that "Zionism is racism" -- one should consider the content of a concept that sets down the rule that ONLY Jews have the right to live in and own the land and areas decreed by Israeli law; that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians most of whom have lived and farmed in these villages for generations have found themselves without homes, lands, orchards, livelihoods, inability or harsh difficulty in access to hospitals, medical services, school for their children -- perspective for their very lives -- because they were not born as Jews.

What is this if not pure racism? Sorry, but the UN Assembly's vote was right on the mark.