The Confiscatory Wall


On the massive new "security" wall currently being quickly constructed inside the Palestinian side of the 1967 green line:

Newspaper or editorial comments on what measures each side needs to accomplish to "establish trust" make no mention of this major Israeli outrage -- which seems to suggest that even IF the Israelis begin to dismantle settlement outposts, etc., this wall may be understood to continue to be built and to remain in place after completion? Is that the "facts on the ground" being planned by Sharon and acceded to by Bush possibly?

If that IS the case, then this is an emergency. Because the open further destruction of vast acreages of Palestinian agriculture, polluted environment, splitting of villages and towns is what the ongoing confiscatory wall is doing, and even if eventually removed, its effects will be felt for a generation at least.

We need to concentrate all our active educational efforts and forums to try to influence the public about the purposeful disastrous results this latest massive Israeli outrage is going to have, has had already -- and we have to demand that its construction immediately stop.