Madison protest - day trip

From ABJ


It was an excellent day. Because it was a deeply moving emotional experience to see and be part of so many people coming together there in the same benign and idealistic effort -- to conserve some humanity in the rapport within business/government in economic affairs -- i.e., that labor has the basic right to conserve what it had fought so hard to achieve over almost four generations -- its legal right to collective bargaining, about to be suddenly (and brutally) abrogated in Wisconsin and afterwards in other states.

Yesterday was the 10th day of the demonstration, and the mood of the massive crowd we saw was so upbeat, so convivial, so organized, so loud but respectful, even while the majority Republican Assembly, viewed continuously on the overhead TV monitors, were debating the elements of their nefarious bill in the sound-proofed assembly room (that we visited too) where, unfortunately, the massive tumult of the crowds, bands and bagpipes couldn't be overheard.

I see that the Assembly actually passed the bill today. So the only thing stopping its final passage now is the continuing fortitude of those 14 good Democrats of the Wisconsin senate (may the gods protect them).