Donate to the USO?

From ABJ


I was somewhat angry so I dashed this little bit off -- In answer to John Kerry's solicitation by email to donate to the USO and thus honor our brave soldiers.

Dear Mr. Kerry,

Urging people to donate -- to the USO? -- sounds ineffectual, almost silly, in the scheme of things today. The only way you can honor our soldiers and help their families is to urge the president to bring them all home. Now.

To pretend that giving to the USO or any other feel-good public relations organization from the Second World War will or would help to mitigate our solders' anguished experience in the wars we wage, their physical and mental suffering, their post-traumatic stress disorder, their horrendous mostly lifelong wounds, their suicides, their deaths -- is to be either willfully blind, or to be party to moral corruption and criminal wrongdoing.

The USO can do very little to help or honor our soldiers. Urge the president to stop the wars.