Cost of War petition

From ABJ


A PETITION TO OUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN by the North Shore Women for Peace, Highland Park, Illinois

BECAUSE we are heartily sickened by the daily killing and maiming in Iraq -- of our own precious military men and women, and of the untold thousands of non-combatant civilians in the rubble of Iraq's cities; and

BECAUSE we recognize the misplaced and criminally short-sighted priorities of the Bush White House for what they are: billions to be spent on war and tax cuts for the super-rich -- while the cupboard is bare for sustaining and protecting life and life-sustaining social services; and

BECAUSE the Bush White House mocks at global warming in pursuit of corporate greed, while we view on TV the poorest people of New Orleans left to die abandoned for days in a fetid flooded city without potable water, food or medical care, and we know that the funds that were needed to prevent the tragedy were cut from the federal budget by the Bush White House four years in a row, among their other cuts in crucial social needs;

We respectfully demand that our senators and congressmen take the initiative to end forthwith our country's illegal and immoral military occupation of Iraq which was initiated by the inhumanity, cruelty and greed of this Bush administration; that our Senate and our Congress protect our troops by taking the initiative of bringing them home NOW.