Boycott Israeli farm products

From ABJ


There are many Israeli farm products, e.g., figs and dates, that really come from farms in the Occupied West Bank, farms that Israeli settlers have appropriated from the illegally walled-off Palestinian villages, many farming areas enclosed, taken -- really robbed -- from the area Palestinian farmers.

Though agricultural export production also comes from Israel proper, much of exported fruit and vegetable farm produce is now also sold by illegal settler companies or Israeli companies with settler sub-contracts, unmarked -- and the Israeli army does nothing about it, or helps the settlers' interests by attacking almost daily Palestinian peaceful protests against the enclosures of their farms with tear gas,if not worse.

All of these exported products, sold here, are NOT marked as coming from the Occupied Territories or from the West Bank. That's kept secret (for obvious reasons) They are marked as simply "Israel" -- so the peace groups, Palestinian and Israeli, and international supporter groups who have organized against the occupation and the expanding settlements -- are asking that people NOT BUY any such food products on the supermarket shelves since they might have been produced in the OT (occupied territories) -- consumers should read the source or provenance on the label and BOYCOTT those food items if they are labeled coming from Israel.

Incidentally, this is a small part of the wider boycott policy (known politically as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions -- BDS) which is gaining surprisingly growing European public support, and the Israeli Knesset is strongly annoyed at this -- and they've passed a new law whereby any Israeli advocating this boycott will get a jail term.

(The only apartheid "democracy" in the Middle East, as they term themselves -- only they don't mention the apartheid part.)