Appalled at death penalty for Boston bomber Tsarnaev

From ABJ


Just commenting on the latest of what I consider an atrocity-level event (don't know if anyone agrees) but I am appalled and kind of disgusted at the report of the death penalty given out by the jury to Boston bomber Tsarnaev.

It seems to me that there were many things about the trial as reported in the media that were strange or peculiar Not least was the prosecutor's claim that a sentence of prison for life in a barred cell with no hope of parole is really a pleasant future (!) to look forward to. And thus Tsarnaev should not be allowed to have that "happy reprieve."

But basically the evidence was so one-sided, so unpolitical, so bereft of any human analysis and depth which might show the motivation on the accused's part for the terrible and stupid political crime of what seems to have been blind attempt at revenge -- revenge for, of course, what had and has been happening to his people under the bombs and drones.

There was no allowance by the judge or prosecution for a statement by the defense of the basic probable or even possible motive for the crime -- after all, 3 children had been killed, others seriously maimed.

Of course, no reporter brought up the question of the thousands of innocent Muslim civilians that are daily being killed and maimed under the US drones. That kind of defense was too political and was excluded, also by the intimidated defense side.

There was one single very telling report by a witness, the homeowner who had found Tsarnaev lying unconscious in his boat outside his house. And as reported, the witness stated there was a message near him written in blood which said, "If you do that to us you should expect the same to happen here." or words very close to that.

That part was passed over very quickly, not taken up by the defense, not repeated in the media, not included in the continuing news reporting of the trial, and not even referred to in the defense summing up before the jury vote, nor in the judge's instructions to the jury, as reported.

So, of course, the jury, incited by a prosecutor seeking blood, with no other or deeper narrative to judge by, voted the death penalty.

Chalk up one more murder in the score by the US side.

love, Annette